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About Me


I bring the wisdom of more than 25 years in this field in San Francisco and the East Bay.


I received my MA in Clinical Psychology from New College of California in 1989 and my LMFT license in 1991. I have had a private practice in San Francisco since that time.


My agency work includes the Women's Institute for Mental Health, Mount Zion Hospital Crisis Clinic, and New Leaf / Alliance Health Project. I have also worked in a variety of direct service and management positions at the University of California San Francisco since 1993 serving clients with chronic illness, substance use issues, and severe mental illness.

My passions include cultural diversity, sexual  and gender diversity, substance use (both personal and family), life transitions, grieving, spirituality, and sports / performance psychology.

I'm also a bit of a geek and fascinated by current innovations in technology. I've done work in e-learning and was an early adopter of online therapy. 


My approach is interactive, collaborative and personalized. It is only through my understanding of your unique history and experience that we can develop a successful working relationship.

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